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Of Crested Butte and Gunnison

Crested Butte Sotheby’s International Realty loves to support our local artists and art community. Check out the artists below that have collaborated with Crested Butte Sotheby’s International Realty and make sure to visit their galleries and purchase some of their art. We especially would like to thank Shaun Horne, Dawn Cohen, Susan Anderton, Joseph Newton, Tierney M. Miller and J.C. Leacock for letting us display their art on our past and current Collection covers.

If you are a local Crested Butte artists and would like to be featured in our print publications and on our website or display art in our beautiful office at 401 Elk Avenue, please contact Kourtney Gottschalk – Kourtney@CrestedButteSIR.com. We would be happy to help any artists promote their art throughout the community and to our clients.

Adam Freed

Adam was born just outside the city of Poughkeepsie amidst the rural surroundings of upstate New York. From a very early age he showed a strong interest in drawing and painting and pursued these interests throughout his schooling, graduating from Buffalo State College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education.

He taught elementary school art for three years before deciding to pack up and travel across the European continent, eventually trekking through thirteen different countries documenting his experiences in sketchbooks using drawings, collages and the written word.

When Adam returned to the states, he began to focus more intently on his own personal art production. During this period, he headed west and discovered a love for the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Adam quickly settled into a life of skiing, mountain biking, hiking and of course, painting.

Adam Freed currently resides in the small ski resort town of Crested Butte, Colorado with his wife and two sons where he paints full time from his home studio.

Adam can be reached at:

Blanket of Shadow and Light

Adam Freed’s Website

Kate Seeley

Raised by creative and supportive parents, just outside of Boston, Kate has held a pencil in her left hand for as long as she can remember.  After a formal education culminating in a coveted BFA from Parson’s School of Design, NYC, Seeley chose to leave the city and it’s opportunities to head West. Colorado captured her heart and her hand, which ultimately shaped her passion for (in Crested Butte style) escapist & magical artforms.

Kate can also be reached at:
PO Box 1141
Crested Butte, CO, 81224

Kate Seeley Typewriter
Kate Seeley jumping
Kate Seeley ski
Kate Seeley Toilet
Kate Seeley Creature


Kate Seeley’s Website

Susan Marrion

Susan Marrion began oil painting in 2004, under the guidance of local Crested Butte artist, John Ingham. Having never painted before, John first helped her begin to change the way she perceived things in nature like form, shadow, color, and values. Susan realized there was much more going on than what she had originally perceived. To be able to capture some of this on canvas quickly became a desire and goal.

Having grown up writing, Susan realized most of what she wrote about were her impressions of nature: the light, the colors, the ever-changing mood, but most of all, the way she felt when in the Natural World. When John first asked why she wanted to paint, Susan realized it was for the same reasons she had wanted to write. Simply put, to attempt to express what she saw and felt in Nature. This is still why she is painting today.

Susan was born and raised in Westchester County, New York and was blessed to grow up with horses: teaching and eventing as an earlier career. Susan has a B.A. in English Lit/Creative Writing. She moved to Boulder, CO in 1994 where she received her training as a practitioner of The Rolf Method of Structural Integration and then opened her practice in Crested Butte in 1996. However, she is now a full-time Oil Painter/Artist and manages and displays her work at Ingham Fine Art Gallery, at 403 Third Street, downtown Crested Butte, with her husband and photographer Raynor Czerwinski.

Susan can also be reached at:

Camp Four - Susan Marrion
Gili Meno Light - Susan Marrion
Penstemon Series - Susan Marrion
The Lupine Trail - Susan Marrion
Water Lilies on Blue and Green - Susan Marrion


Susan Marrion’s Website

J.C. Leacock

Since the beginning of his professional career in 1988, J. C. Leacock’s creative focus has shifted numerous times, from large format landscapes, to cowboys, to outdoor sports and lifestyles. However, the dominant theme that runs throughout is The American West. For that is where J.C.’s heart and passion lie, in the big skies, prairies, mountains, and people of the West. His scenic images capture the magical light, grandeur, and intimacy of the American landscape, while his photographic portrayal of outdoor western lifestyles is both authentic and spirited.

Leacock is widely published internationally, and his images appear in such publications as Backpacker, SKI, Sunset, Outside, Men’s Journal, Cowboys & Indians, and American Cowboy. His work has been published extensively in numerous calendars including Sierra Club, Audubon, Western Horseman and BrownTrout. J.C. has published two exquisitely beautiful books on Colorado: Colorado Closeup (Fulcrum Publishing, 1997) and Our Colorado (Voyageur Press, 2004). A third book, entitled South Dakota Simply Beautiful (Far Country Press, 2004), showcases J.C.’s diverse portfolio. His latest coffee table book, Greetings from Colorado (Voyageur Press) was released in the fall of 2011. Closer to home, J.C.’s photographs frequently appear in Crested Butte Magazine and the Colorado State Vacation Guide.

In 2010 J.C. opened the J.C. Leacock Photography Gallery in downtown Crested Butte at 326 Elk Avenue (next to Donita’s Cantina), where he shows a variety of framed prints, canvases and matted prints.

JC Leacock (3)
JC Leacock (6)
JC Leacock (11)
JC Leacock (10)
JC Leacock (9)
JC Leacock (4)
JC Leacock (7)
JC Leacock (5)
JC Leacock (8)
JC Leacock (2)
JC Leacock (1)

J.C. Leacock’s Website

Tierney M. Miller

The original art of Tierney Miller ranges from Contemporary Representational to Lyrical Abstracts, transcending trends and providing aesthetic elegance to numerous private collections throughout the US. Driven to produce her art by the sheer pleasure and challenge of it, Tierney combines her 2 passions, art and travel, to create an eclectic body of work.

Although Tierney’s art often reflects a variety of locations and subjects, she often finds herself pulling inspiration for her work from things closest to home and is intrigued with the heritage of the American West.

” In one sense my art is a very private, personal journey in search of order, reasons, reality, reflection, and beauty. In another sense, it is a means of communication – how I perceive the external world and by using the skills I have developed as an artist, I interpret, document and transform those responses into new images and forms that I return to the external world.”


“As in life, it is we who give meaning to the art. What is important, is the experience one has in relation to the work.”


Originally from Wisconsin, Tierney has been calling Gunnison, Colorado home since 1980 but spends time regularly in The West Village – NYC. Serving as a catalyst for her work, Tierney’s passion for travel continues… leaving every chance she gets to search for the things she loves to paint. Included among the places her work is represented, Wilde-Meyer Galleries in Scottsdale and Tucson, AZ and her smaller, representational work is on display at Studio West in Crested Butte.

She has 2 solo exhibitions coming in August 2015 – The Piper Gallery in Crested Butte and Gunnison Art Center in Gunnison.

Commissioned pieces are happily provided upon request

I am Thinking of My Native Land by Tierney Miller
Mt CB by Tierney Miller
Montecito by Tierney Miller
Twenty Below by Tierney Miller
Roof Top Escape by Tierney Miller

Tierney M. Miller’s Website

Joseph Newton (JOE)

Joseph Newton (JOE) and his family moved to Crested Butte from San Francisco in June 2012 attracted by the beauty of the area, community and the opportunity to develop as an artist. JOE’s work is uniquely original and creative and each image is a mystery whether it’s a photo collage or an abstract photo. His photography work captures color, texture and the beauty or ugly of the subject. JOE’s original works are available from gallery3 on Third and Elk.

Bike by Joseph Newton
Abstract Metal by Joseph Newton

Abstract Rust by Joseph Newton

Red Bike by Joseph Newton
Charilifts by Joseph Newton
Cows by Joseph Newton

gallery 3’s facebook page

Susan Anderton

Susan Anderton arrived in Crested Butte from England in December 1969. She was immediately drawn to the character of the town’s historic buildings and began an ongoing series of pen and ink drawings and etchings, capturing the authentic Crested Butte of an earlier era. Over the years Susan has continued to be inspired by the magnificence and beauty of the natural world and has employed a variety of mediums to best express her ideas. Recently she has designed a series of posters in a “Retro” style to capture the essence of Crested Butte and it’s spectacular setting. The cover design is the latest in this series. Prints and original works are available from gallery3 on Third Street and at the Paragon Gallery.

Horses in Woods by Susan Anderton
Susan Anderton 2
Susan Anderton 6
Susan Anderton 4
Susan Anderton 3
Susan Anderton 5
Susan Anderton 1

gallery 3’s facebook page

Dawn Cohen

Dawn Cohen was born in Savannah, Georgia where she spent most of her adolescence. Dawn began her college studies at the University of Georgia completing a BFA in Art Education. She found herself back in Savannah shortly after college and began developing as a painter. Dawn received a Masters of Fine Art at Colorado State University. It was during graduate studies that she met her husband, local artist Shaun Horne. They were married in 2000. In the midst of their graduate studies, they had a lovely daughter, Linda. After graduating in 2002, they moved their family to Crested Butte. They had a second daughter named Esther, who was born in 2003. Dawn and Shaun have now made Crested Butte their home for the past 10 years. Dawn still enjoys painting trips to Savannah, where she creates paintings of the shrimp boat communities and the Victorian architecture. Check out some of Dawn’s other works below or see her work along with other local artists at Oh Be Joyful Gallery at 409 Third Street in Crested Butte or 333 W. Colorado Avenue in Telluride, Colorado.

Colorful Buildings Spring by Dawn Cohen
Colorful Buildings Summer by Dawn Cohen

Dawn Cohen’s Gallery on OhBeJoyfulGallery.com

Shaun Horne

Shaun Horne paints landscapes with a large scale plein air method. He starts and finishes his large canvases on site by returning day after day to the same place and light, in the manner of Claude Monet. On the other hand Shaun paints with an American hard-edge more akin to Rockwell Kent, Edward Hopper or Georgia O’Keefe. These edges are time consuming relative to Monet’s soft massing and more so at the large plein air scale Shaun adopted from Kent. In consequence, Shaun has developed among the most intense and sustained plein air painting methods to date. As of 2010 Shaun has already produced over 700 large-scale, pure plein air, multi-session paintings of over 20 hours apiece. The vast majority of those paintings have been purchased. Shaun’s paintings can be found at Oh Be Joyful Gallery at 409 Thirds Street.

Shaun Horne

The Shaun Horne Gallery

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